Somewhat Analog Things About Photography

6 Photos Made With Recently Acquired Stuff

Weather has been pretty tragic for the last few weeks so I haven't taken many photos. I haven't seen the sun in what feels like forever. Does it still exist? I will need some proof. It also has rained a lot. Everything is wet. Luckily snow has replaced the rain in the last few days so there is some upside. Snow is the much upgraded version of rain.

Whilst I haven't been taking photos, I have been touching some new ( "new" means used ) things with my grubby hands. Two of those things I haven't produced anything with. Another thing has seen 25% use. And the last thing I have tested / tried for a bit. I am vague about what these "things" are for a reason. I want to keep some mystery for the future!

What you will get is 6 photos. These photos have been taken, in part, with one or more of the new things. Care to have a guess what any of the new things may be? I have to note that the photos are with things just around me. Nothing that will break walls in art museums. Or will it?

Before showing the photos I want to touch on acquiring new gear. I see a trend in me where if I don't get to do what I usually do, which in this case is taking photos, then I buy random stuff relating to the thing that I want to do. I'm sure other people do it as well. It's not terrible but you should be careful not to overspend and get things you don't need. Or things that you don't have a use for. In this gear acquisition session I kept my spent resources very low and only got things I was genuinely interested in. One of those things I've wanted for many years now but never got around to getting one as there were other things that I wanted more. Things, things, things. I will stop writing "things" now and will commence showing 6 photos. Treat this paragraph as a public service announcement to not get "stuff" for the sake of getting "stuff".

Photo of my wife in snow.
My Wife: Part I

First a photo of my wife smiling in the snow. There is some weirdness in the corners that is not too easy to see.

Photo of some cows in the snow.
Cows In Snow

Here are some cows that don't fear the cold. I also don't fear it much but that's thanks to clothes.

Is there some weirdness in this photo? Not sure.

Photo of my daughter spinning around in the snow.

Here's a photo of my daughter moving quickly. I can also take color photos! Although the only colors are thanks to the clothes on my daughter. Rest might as well be black and white.

Where's the weirdness? Maybe somewhere.

Photo of my family in the snow.

Here's a photo of my very white family in very white surroundings. Camouflage!

Being this white must be weird.

Photo of snow.

Here's a photo of some snow. You can even see the crystal structure! And you can obviously see the BOKEH!

Is being this close weird?

Photo of my wife in the snow.
My Wife: Part II

I started with a photo of my wife and I will end it with a photo of my wife. Is there a difference between these two photos?

Is the difference weird?

See you next week when there will be a real review once again. Not a Top 6 list.


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